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Is to much bad?

Im a 16 year old boy who masturbate 2-4 times a day. I hear later in life it can cause ED or other disfunctions. Is to much masturbation as this age bad or is it healthy?
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It does not cause ED and other dysfunctions.
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My opinion is that your mind would be best on sports and hobbies and less on this habit, some is considered normal excessive may show you could use some other form of outlet ..It can form a habit so you are focused on it, try other distractions,..good luck
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I play Basketball and football and i lift weights also in a band and play piano and i already have a job so i am always busy
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Well its well know that teens do this a lot its probably hormones, as you get older you will probably have a girl friend  and it will solve its self , sports are great and music is wonderful ..
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I am off and on with girls.
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well that's pretty normal ..Dont get anxious about the behavior I am sure it will pass its normal in Teens anyway just  be your self don't watch anything on the PC that may make it worse ..stay physically active ,all will be well ..
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Thank you for all your help and i have one more question since you are an adult do you masturbate to or is it just teens?
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