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Letrozole?- delay bone age advancement

My son started early puberty at age 7 (pubic hair, acne, body odor)  - I think it's actually called andrache and not acutally precocious puberty.  Regardless he is now 12 years old and has always had an advanced bone age by about 2+ years.   Although he is quite tall now 5'4'' (95% on growth chart), because his bone age is so advanced and due to the andrache he will not have the typical growth spurt and will stop growing much earlier than other boys.  His predicted final height is 5'8" which I know doesn't sound totally terrible but this isn't his full biological potential.  We will be starting a drug called Letrezole, and from what the doctor has told me and what I have read it sounds like exactly what he needs which is more time.  Letrezole delays bone maturation, but has been widely use for this purpose to date, so it is quite difficult to find information on it.  I was wondering if there is anyone out there who might already be taking the drug that can advise regarding any side effects, and can advise if it worked well for their child.  Or basically share their story.  I think it sounds like an amazing drug (opportunity), that more people should know about just in case it's right for them/their child.  I know that my pedeatric endocronologist just heard about this drug at a recent conference she went to, so it's fairly new out there for this purpose.  

This discussion is related to 9 year old daughter, bone age 13.5 years.
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I know this post is old, but I was wondering if your son took the Letrozole and if it helped him grow more.?
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