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Lump on baby's head.. help

I have a 4 month old baby girl and this weekend I noticed a bump on her head.  It's about 3mm in diameter. It's hard like cartiledege or bone.  It's beneath the skin so it's not visible.  It doesn't move with the skin so it seems to be on the bone itself.  I called the doc and we are going in Tuesday or Wednesday.  The bump doesn't seem to cause her ANY pain - she has no illness symptoms at all.  She's happy and her appetite is great as usual.  

Any idea what this might be?

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The link is to a pic that pinpoints the spot on the skull where the bump is..
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It sounds like a lipoma to me,  which is a fatty deposit.

When you say "it's hard like cartliledge or bone",  which is it,  soft like cartiledge,  or hard like bone?

Bone feels like rock.  Feel your wrist bone - does it feel like that?

Or does it feel like cartiledege - like the tip of your nose?

I have a lipoma on my skull that has been there 48 years.  Feels like cartiledge.  It's totally harmless.

Best wishes.

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My 18mo old son has a dermoid cyst on his eyebrow and it sounds similar to what you are talking about.  When I took him to Children's hospital to have it looked at, the doc said they are common on the head and nothing to worry about.  They are removing his because of the location and they dont want it to interfere w/ his vision.

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My 10-month old had an x-ray for this same reason when he was 5 months old. It was the development of his skull/cerebral, which was nothing to be concerned about. It was at the very back of his skull closer to his neck. Good luck!
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Thank you for your answers -- When I said cartiledge I meant HARD cartiledge -- moving but not soft like your nose.  Like bone cartiledge -- but it mostly feels like bone.  

We are having it checked Wednesday at 2pm -- Any other ideas would be great.  You are all making me feel much better - Thank you!
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I have a 1 year old girl who will be having a ct scan on Wednesday.  She has a hard bump behind her ear.  It sounds a lot like what you all are describing.  The ENT specialist called it a possible osteomo or an exostosis.  I'm so worried about it and can't seem to get it out of my head.  Deep down I feel like it's innocent, but I'm still worried about it. Basically they are just double checking to make sure it's not something serious, like cancer.  Any more advice on this topic would be so great.  Not sure if anyone is still reading this topic....hope so though.
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Did you find out what it is?
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What was the diagnosis on the lump? I have a 5 month old girl with a hard lump (about the size of an adult thumb) on her head. It is at the top of her forehead going towards the top of her head and is kind of curved in shape. The pediatrician was stumped and is sending us to Children's Hospital to meet with a neurosurgeon. Our appointment is 4 weeks away and we are very concerned.
Any thoughts?
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My daughter has a “bump” behind her left ear.  My husband and I found it when she was about 1 month old. We asked her pediatrician and he assure us it was nothing to worry about, of course we did.  He got a second opinion, he said it was nothing, we still didn’t believe him…We then got a third opinion, this time request an x-ray, and guess what…nothing…nothing at all…Our little girl just has a funny “bump” on her head.  She is going to be three next month and of course we are going to get it looked at again.  All of the doctors so far said that it just the way her skull developed, but as parents we must always put our kids’ health first…Good luck and I hope it’s the same diagnosed that we received
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I have a similar problem with my 21 month old son. Only his is three bumps and I am totally stumped as to what it is. It wasn't there before but when I cut his hiar yesterday I saw them for the first time. No telling how long he's had them because my kids were blessed with thick curly hair. I do know however it wasn't there before his hair came in. I am going to take him to the doctor and find out what they are but if anyone can put my mind at ease, please do. My daughter never had anything like this and I'm so worried.
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My daughter of 6 months also has A bump up along her hair line, behind her left ear.
Me and my husband are very concerned.
We have taken her to the doctor twice for the bump.
We also notest the bump about 1 month ago it first felt like soft cartilage. and it was very small about the size of A pea.
it has grown somewhat larger in size it is know about the size of A thumb, and know feels like A bone.
The doctor told us not to worry as well that it is most likely part of her bone structure.
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My 1 year old son has a pea size bump located at the base of his skull behind his left ear. It is hard like cartilage. It sounds allot like what some of you have described. I guess I'm just looking to find out if this is normal. My next visit is not for another month. Should I have it looked at sooner?
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