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Hello and thank you, please can someone help me.

My son had a cardiac arrest at 14 months old, we were told at the time he would amount to nothing. He is now nearly 3 and has athetoid cerebral palsy.. He has regained his sight, hearing, can sit unaided, crawl/bunnyhop, stand up via furniture, cruise on furniture, has excellent hand function and generally doing very well. In terms of language he doesnt speak anymore, he did before his arrest.. He does vocalise and squeel and he has said a couple of words but at the minute non verbal really, he is just starting to do things like when we say fetch the car or find the monkey flash card he will do it... he is such a happy smiley boy and such a joy to be around. He doesnt habe hardly any dystonic movements, no jerkyness or athetoid movements really.. he is orally fed but liquids are done off a spoon slightly thickened.

Anyway, we were told he would be a vegitable almost and do nothing, the MRI report at the time stated this.. please could someone explain...

There is diffuse High T2 signal demonstrated within the posterior brain stem, petrigonal white matter of both cerebral hemispheres and alos probably within the basil ganglia bilaterally in particular the global pallidus  and the posterior putamen - He suffered a hypoxic brain insult from a 6 minute cardiac arrest.

His story and videos is at www.williamstonestrustfund.com we have undertaken some fantastic nuerodevelopmental programmes which have been his saviour...

Any help would be appreciated... thank you so much
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It is great he is doing so well and is a happy boy, I think the Cardiology forum will be able to help you better ,go back to the forums page and look down the list .good luck
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In fact if the forum is up and running there is a pediatric heart forum on the right the expert forums .check it out .
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