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Micropenis, hypospadias and testosteron injection.

Hi everyone,   my son is 5.5 yr and has hypospadias - don't need surgery, and micropenis about 3 cm - don't grow from birth. Little brothers have much bigger, and in school he noticed that friends have bigger and thay make laugh from him. This is very painful for him. We were in endocrinologist and she said: hi is very nice boy and better don't take off your slip, so nobody see your penis. I visited 4 pediatrics, and last one prescribed testosterone enanthate 25 mg every 4 week during 3 months, but she said that hasn't experience this kind of treat. I must explain that , I live in Poland- ultra Catholic country where this area- penis, sex is taboo.  I have any chance to treat by endocrinologist, because that think that god's will. I want to help my son but I have doubts or I make good. Is really penis bigger after treat, how much, growth is durable, isn't to late, and any side effects like puberty, pubic hair. Some people wrote, that their children received testosterone. and then what it looks like now after a year.
I will be happy if someone will share yours observations and sorry for my English. Marta
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