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My 4yr Son's @HOME not well?

my sons home from kindy today we've Dr's appt. in bout 4hrs. he's complaining of a sore throat & tongue, keeps scratching his neck around his throat. also seems to have a few small blister looking pimples or lumps on his chest. chicken pox??
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Could be chicken pox they do come up a few at a time ,or an allergy if it continues ask the Doctor what it is .
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Thanks for your input, Margy..... :D  
Dr say's its Toncillitis, so he's been given"Curam"- Amoxicillin & Paracetamol. He's real lithargic & dont wanna eat so I've got him ice blocks & yogurt aswell, dont know what else can fit down such a sore throat?? Oh, my poor little spud-man. :((
Any & all suggestions on what else i should be doing please let me know??
Thank you
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