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My daughter is always looked pregnant, but is really skinny

I see this question asked a lot but the answers are people that are assuming it’s just “fat.” My daughter has always had a large stomach since she was about 6 months old. I thought it would go away once she got older, but it got bigger. She is skinny, so it looks like she pregnant. She does have health issues, but none of them are the cause of the belly (per doctors) The gastroenterologist said it wasn’t normal, but with all the tests there were no answers.

When she was 14, she had her gall bladder removed due to stones. After surgery, her stomach was flat, but a few days later is was protruding again (she also started her first period a day after the surgery)

She doesn’t have love handles, her stomach is hard like a pregnant belly, no soft fat.

She had a bowel clean out during a weekend hospital stay, but it did not help at all.

She has a blood disorder and during all the testing to find out the cause of belly size, she was diagnosed with Gilberts Syndrome, but isn’t the cause of her belly size.

Any ideas of what this could be?
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Did you ever get any answers to this?
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When I googled Gilbert's syndrome and related high bilirubin,  bloating was one of the most common side-effects.

Is there some reason the doctors don't think her bloating is related to her bilirubin?
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