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My son is 9 and was just diagnosed with an advanced bone age.

My son just turned 9, and was just told he has a bone age of a 12 1/2 to 13 year old.  He has not started puberty yet.  Is there anything we could or should be doing besides monitoring him.? I'm just so scared for his self confidence.  He has always been the tallest in his class, but his dad is 6'5".  Is it possible that all boys that are taller than their classmates just have a more andvanced bone age?  My husband just continues to believe that it is no big deal.  When we go back for our next bone scan, will we find that his bones have aged even more?
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If his bone age is equal to his height age, I think he should be fine.  How you figure this out is get a height growth chart, plot your son for his age and height he is now.  Where your plot is for your child you go straight across toward the higher ages until your line is at the 50%.  Look down to see what age this turns out to be, if it is 12 1/2-13 years, then he should be fine.  Just means he is going to be a tall boy!! Let me know if you need help figuring this out.
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Thanks for responding.  He is in the fifty percentile range for a 12 1/2 year old.  I'm trying to remain positive that this is normal for big boys with big dads.  We are still waiting on blood work to come back.  
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I realize this is a really old post but Ithought I would reach out anyway. My son is 10 and has an advanced bone age of 2 years. I would really like to know how accurate the bone age scan is. We were told in order to stop his growth plates from closing he would need to take arimidex. I am not a fan of giving him medicine for something like this, especially when the side effects later in life are unknown. He is very short for his age (4’5”). Most of his peers are about a head taller than he is. It worries me because if we don’t intervene he is likely to be super short. The endocrinologist said around 5’5”. My husband and I are not very tall people ourselves but I do have a lot of tall family. My question is for anyone who has been through this. I would love to hear from someone who was told their child had advanced bone age. I was hoping since this post is so old maybe you could tell me what ended up being your child’s final height. Did it end up being what the doctors thought? My main concern is that my child is healthy and there are no underlying issues that are causing him to be so small. He has always been small but has fallen on the charts recently. He was always 25th percentile then fell to about 15th percentile. Thanks for any responses. I would really appreciate the feedback!!
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