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Mysteriously ill neice

I am hoping to get some help about what direction to send my sister in regards to her daughter. My neice is 16 months old and has been on anti-biotics almost 15 times since she was 5 weeks old. I am not convinced that she is just getting sick from daycare, because my sister tool her out for a while, ans she still got sick. She has had:

countless ear infections
strep throat
double pneumonia
eyes constantly runny and puffy
hand/mouth.foot disease
chronic coughing
chronic fevers
rapid breathing (when she runs fevers)

Is it possible for a baby to be this sick all of the time without there being an underlying issue? My porr sister is beside herself because the pediatrician just keeps saying it is a virus, but we honestly feel otherwise. There has to be a reason that this poor kid gets sick every 2 weeks or so.

Who do we need to take her to? We are lost because the pediatrician dismisses her concerns. PLEASE HELP!
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Well if you are not happy with what this one says you can get another opinion. from the symptoms I have to say that it could be a virus at times and also allergies, she could also be getting it from daycare , as germs are spread at school;s and places where children are with others .not much you can do about that unless you take  her from daycare.I think so many anti biotics isnt helpful so maybe good to get another opinion , good luck
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How clean is the house where she lives?  One gal on this site had a child who was chronically ill until she moved from her apartment, which had a mold problem in the walls, to a different place.  Is the child exposed to a smoker?  Even if a smoker does not smoke around the child, the residue on their clothes can give the child illnesses.  How clean is the daycare?
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