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One year old daughter presumed high testosterone

Hi there. My daughter is soon to be 13 months old. I stumbled upon an article when she was a couple of months old about finger ratio and hormone connections. I checked my daughter's hands and she definitely has high testosterone(them male hand pattern) according to these studies. I applied natural progesterone while I was pregnant to prevent miscarriage and also might mention I was under alot of stress during that time. Not sure if either of these details correlate with this issue. She has a bit of a mustache, she has always been a large baby and she has shown signs of perhaps autism( we have gotten her therapy for this and she is doing much better with it.) I mention the autism because there seems to be  a relation between boys and autism (high testosterone). She is also very often confused for being a little boy despite how I dress her. Is there anything I can do to lower testosterone levels naturally in a child this age? Can you shed any light on this situation? Thank you!

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