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Our 5 year old Son

Hi my son has just turned 5 and we our little worried. Dylan has trouble paying attention in class. He  also has trouble sitting during circle time. The teacher says he will not look her in the eye. He will look me sometimes but not a whole lot. He has trouble following 3 step instructions and even 2 steps. Dylan can't really have conversation with you. He has good vocabulary and mostly people understand him. But you can ask him a question and you know he knows the answer and he will not tell you. We are worried about our little boy and only want the best can anyone help?
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check for attention deficit disorder
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I agree, I would have your pediatrician assess him for ADHD, but I would also consider Sensory Disintegration Disorder. This behavior is not so different from a child who has suffered a trauma or loss (been hurt, loss in the family, parents separated).
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hi, you should check it with a psychiatrist for too possible diagnosis: attention deficit disorder and autistic behavior child that the first one is more possible I think.
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Is it possible he's feeling stressed and intimidated at school? Many children have trouble with auditory processing under stressful conditions. It does sound like Sensory Integration Disorder, but he should be evaluated by an Occupational Therapist or psychologist to determine this.
There are many books about assisting children to overcome this disorder. There is a book with a behavior checklist, to help you determine if your child could have this disorder, but the professional evaluation is important. It will help your child get the accommodations he needs for school success.
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Dylan had Alopecia and has lost all his hair in the past year. We can't figure out the triggers and where it is coming from. He seems to like preschool but doesn't seem to have many friends.
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   His hair fell out? I wonder if he could have a biotin deficiency, or even a deficiency of biotinidase, the enzyme that breaks down biotin in the body. This is also associated with systemic yeast and fungal infections. I think the test for this deficiency is only done in a few places, but you could ask your doctor about it. This deficiency is often found in kids with ADD-like behavior.
To correct the deficiency, large doses of biotin are given daily( over 5000 micrograms).
You might try giving him 800-1000 micrograms of biotin, and see if his hair grows back, or if there is any behavioral change. Biotin is completely safe.

Was Dylan ever on antibiotics? If so, I would have him tested for a yeast or fungal infection.

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hi, addition to enzymelover I should say that I had a case with down syndrome who lost her hair after starting the kindergarten, alopesia is usual in down syndrome but the doctor said that it is due to stress and treat it by medication. a specialist of hair and skin disease should visit her too.
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No downs he was tested at birth. He is fairly normal boy but sometimes he is very hyper and always distracted.
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