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I noticed today after picking my 5 month old son up from daycare, his pupils were unequal. They have never been unequal before. He was acting fine though. We came home and I checked their reaction to light with a pen light, both constricted equally. However without the light, the right is noticably more dialated than the left. I called his peds nurse hotline. A Doctor called me back and he said that because there are no other symptoms, it is normal. I don't think this seems normal. Sudden unequal pupils could mean a serious underlying problem and I was surprised it was so easily dismissed. I was hoping to see what anyone else thought about this, and if the Doctor I spoke with is right. Hoping someone knows a little about this and maybe shed some light. I am a medic in the military and EMT and I have never heard unequal pupils being normal. But again, there are no other symptoms that I have noticed and I am not a doctor of pediatrics.
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Go and take him to be checked out by your Doctor for reasurrance especially as you have some knowledge.
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