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Perianal Abscess

My 1 year old grandson had developed a Perianal Abscess and had a surgery under GA. Some 20 ml. pus was removed from a 5 cm deep cavity near anus at 01 O'Clock position and 1 cm away.The surgeon put a drain pipe which did not stay more than 1 day and then it was not replaced.He was given antibiotics for 2-3 days and kept under observation and sent home after 5 days.He was advised Betadine sitz bath after each poo. No other medication was prescribed.

Now after 4 weeks, the wound where incision was made is not healed yet.It keeps getting inflamed and pus runs out, time to time. One day it is quiet and the next day it is inflamed. I am worried as to how long it will take to heal. Will he recover fully? or would he need another surgery- fistulotomy- I am totally new to this and am lost. What should be done? Can you please help. Thanks.
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Was the operation a fistulectomy,usually the wound is left open and no infection occurs ..I would say after 4 weeks it really should be looked at again by the Doctor .he should also be able to answer your questions regarding recovery and further surgery  take a look at this link   pedsurg.ucfs.edu>Conditions & Procedures                      
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