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Pls help: is my 5m old baby having infantile epilepsy or spasm (with Video)

Hi all,

I noticed 4 days ago that my 5 months old son sometimes shakes his head with his eyes rolling back. It occurs 7 to 9 times everyday, and lasts for 1 - 2 seconds every time. Mostly this happens when he is sleepy. Other than this abnormal behaviors, his other behaviors such as eating and playing are quite normal.

We visited a family doctor yesterday, and showed her our recorded videos of my baby's shaking-head behavior. But she told us that this is normal for a baby and as babies grow, they will exhibit some strange behaviors.

To be honest, what the doctor said did not completely reassures us. I heard of some case that a shaking-head baby who was wrongly diagnosed with chronic tympanitis developed epilepsy after he grew up.

I uploaded the videos to youtube, and hope someone could help us find out what to do next. The links to youtube videos:



With many thanks!
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I just went through something similar with my LO.  We went to many docs.  But what you son is doing doesnt look bothersome at all.  Yeah he is shaking his head but a true seizure usually displays some out of it behavior.  He just shakes his head briefly.  Can you get him to stop by talking to him?  I think he has just learned how to shake his head.  
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Thanks for replying.
"Can you get him to stop by talking to him?  "
His head shaking occurs w/o any sign and lasts for only 1 or 2 seconds, too short for us to talk to him.
When he is falling asleep, he shakes head more frequently, but we havn't talked to him at that time, as we don't want to wake him up. We can try that next time.
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