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Poor immune system?

Our daughter is 20 months old. She had two heart defects at birth and had a really rough start. We notice that she is frequently ill. In the last 10-12 months (ever since she stopped receiving Synagis) she has had croup 8x, she's had several sinus/upper respiratory infections, 3 or 4 ear infections, a throat infection, a couple 24 hour fevers, and now, just this past week, all in one week she developed: ear infection, oral thrush, a vaginal yeast infection, and then a viral rash. The virus then prompted a thrombocytopenia reaction (her platelets dropped). Thankfully they came back up on their own after a few days. Today's CBC and platelets came back normal.

Does this sound like a typical stuff for a toddler (she's in an in-home daycare with only 2 other children, two days a week)? Or does this sound like something that might need looked into?
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It is a fact that virus and all germs are passed along from others and possibly she is picking up some being in a day care , have you any other children as that also the way baby's get many germs'  siblings going to school come home and pass the 'germs' on .Are the other children she is in day care with older children,or children with siblings ?
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We have an older boy, who's been healthy as a horse. And no one has been sick at daycare in over a month - except for our daughter.
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It does sound like a lot of sickness all you can do is keep persuing the Doctor for answers,she may be a bit young but ask them what her tonsils look like ?
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