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My grandson, 8 months old, started a month ago haveing diarria five or more times a day, very bright green or very dark green, and smells aweful. for the most part a happy baby, but cant keep food from passing through the system too fast. He has been loosing a half pound weight a week since this started. We have tried several different formulas, been to three different pediatric doctors all say they dont know try someone else. The next doc to visit in two weeks is an infant GI doctor in st louis. Some are thinking maybe CF but not enough symptoms. He is a normal healthy on track 8 month old baby, just cant keep food from going through the body without absorbing the nutrients.
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May I ask what he eats , is he eating solid food well, my other thought is a food allergy,
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Make sure the GI doctor does a decal elastase test. This is to test his pancreas. My son started to have terrible diarrhea at 13 months old right after I stopped breastfeeding him. It stank, very unique smell. Food wad flying through him without stopping and he was drinking huge amounts of water because of the diarrhea.

He was finally diagnosed as Pancreatic Insufficient. Yes this is the same pancreas condition than CF kids have. But for now he is not diagnosed as having CF - negative sweat test and he did not have 2 CF mutations on an extensive genetic test.

Does the poop float if you pour them in the toilets? Does it have non digested food? These are often signs of a pancreas problem.

My son also has a milk allergy. Your grandson should be tested for various food allergies as well: milk, Celiac disease.

Ps: CF can only be diarrhea at first without the lungs problems but hopefully this is not what your grandson has.

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Sorry I meant a fecal elastase test... My ipad types often weird things.
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