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Red spots


I have a 2.5 year old boy who has got a viral infection with running nose and caughing then he got fever and shiver.
We took him to the doctor and he was under midication until two days ago. Blood test and urine test was okay and he started recovering. But today we noticed some red spot on his skin on his back and tommy few minutes ago.
Please help me understand the issue and what should I do? is this a chiken pox?

your help is highly appreciated.

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It sounds like a viral rash to me.  These are very common after viruses, especially ones with fever and generally are nothing to worry about.  Just keep an eye on him and if he acts like he is feeling better, then he is probably fine and the rash will clear on its own.
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My son wouold break out like that every 6 mo and it was like hives. It has not happened for a while. I remember the last was the scariest at 2 yrs old. He had a very high fever 105 and I rushed to the ER.Viral or something they did not know, they said it could be an alergic reaction to something. Steroids and ibprophen. He was ok.
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If the spots look like blisters its Chicken Pox try not to let him scratch as they leave marks, it could also be Measles , give him plenty of rest and fluid take him back to the Doc if he gets worse.
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