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Request for Assistance Reading MRI results

This is for my 20 month old son with developmental delays.  We are trying to rule out possibilities and just want an honest assessment.  The MRI followed a staring seizure (no other body movements).

I would greatly appreciate your input on reading these MRI results.  Our pediatric neurologist declared these fine but I don't feel quickly dismissing anything is appropriate (as he did), especially after what we put our son through just to get the MRI.  So if you see anything suspect, or you can translate, or advise further - that would be sincerely appreciated.  

The results:

TECHNIQUE:  Multiplanar multisequence MRI of the brain without contrast is submitted. Dedicated seizure series were acquired.

FINDINGS:  No diffusion signal abnormality is identified to suggest acute ischemic injury. Corpus callosum is well formed.  There is no evidence of Chiari malformation.  The torcula is normally positioned.  The aqueduct of Sylvius is normal.

There is some mild vague increased signal in the white matter in the biparietal regions most likely terminal zones of myelination.  No definite evidence of mesial temporal sclerosis or brain matter heterotopia or dysplasia is identified.

No mass, hemorrhage or hydrocephalus is identified.

The aqueduct of Sylvius is patent demonstrating a flow-void on axial T2-weighted images.

IMPRESSION:  No focal intracranial lesion.  No evidence of mesial temporal sclerosis.  No definite gray matter heterotopia or dysplasia.  

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Hi there, unfortunately your question has landed in the MS community and our MRI understandings is generally centred on MRI's relating to MS or similar....

Personally, I do understand how frightening it can be when your young son is strangely staring and isn't responding to any of your attempts to get his attention.........my son did this not long after being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and he also went through getting an MRI to rule out brain damage, epilepsy etc.

I will request your question be placed in a more appropriate community for you but for what it's worth, my understanding of what your son's MRI report concludes, is basically that there wasn't any abnormality discovered and i think your paediatric neurologist is worth believing.

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