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Strep in a 1 year old

It all started with a wheezing noise he was making when sleeping, no symptoms of a cold, just stuffy nose and that noise - this lasted for 2 weeks.
Then on Monday morning he woke up had fever and rash on his face - took him to the dr that day and they prescribed amxicillin - Wednesday we went back to the dr and the amoxicillin didnt work, still had high fever, green discharge from his nose - then on wed he tested positive for STREP - they changed his antibiotics to cefdinir due to the amoxicillin not working - continued with cefdinir till friday - Friday went to the dr again he had hives on his body - but has indeed gotten a little better, no more fever - they changed from cefdinir to azithromycin due to the allergic reaction - we then gave him azithromycin for another 10 days, during this time we noticed he is not walking very well (we were thinking he is weakened form the antibiotics) after he finished his treatment gradually stopped walking over the course of 4 days.
Today we went and took blood work again and took chest, hip and legs chest rays for our 1 year old son.
Also noticed he had white spots in his throat again.
We are worried about rheumatic fever that has not been diagnosed yet and worried about recurring strep since we saw today that he has the white dots in his throat.
I do mention that has no fever, no runny nose eating well - except he is not walking at all.
Our son walked since 9 mo old he is very active hes not like this at all....

what is going on anyone that has any good advice on this? we are worried...
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