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Turner's syndroms

We have just disovered our daughter has Turners Syndrome , based in Libya presently.
She is 14 and is about 135 cms now only.
Back home in India , after taking her hand xray our endocronlogist suggested we should not take any HGH now as her bones seem to be fused already and HGH may only assist ther o grow sideways.

We have consulted quite a few others too and one school of thought is that there is still one more year for her to give her HGH and to go ahead and start the injection and if there is problem while we are taking those injections, we will monitor to see adverse reactions.

Can some assist us take a decision.


Being in Libya , we have not found suitable endocronology departments either.

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I am sorry and I hope you get some help... go back to the forums page look to your right we have the expert/doctor forums there, there is a pediatric forum ,they may be able to help you better . Good Luck to you
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