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My son is 6 yrs old weighs 40 lbs and is 3'10". His twin brother is 47.5 lbs and 4' tall (they only weighed 4 ozs and 1/4 inch apart at birth).  They are both very active and seem healthy except the youngest seems underweight. His Dr has mentioned it several times but thinks he may just equal out when he gets older. Both boys eat very healthy and prefer fruits and veggies over more fattening meat. Should I put him on a weight gain diet or just let it go? My family seems concerned about the youngest health.
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A mom  always ,in my opinion should go  with her gut, families do worry dont they, if you think hes doing okay and I do agree with the doctor he will catch up . However I also don't see why a richer/healthy diet would hurt ,cheese , more protein ,cereals, pasta. May I ask if he is a happy boy does he get on well with his twin, how are they doing at school .?
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The twins get along great about 95% of the time but of course fight occasionally. They both team up on their older brother who's 8 Lol. Aaton (the youngest) does have ADHD but is on a non-stimulate medication unlike the oldest who is on stimulates for his ADD. He absolutely loves school and is a really sweet helpful happy little boy. I'm a single mom (dad has no contact court orders) that works nights so I'm available whenever the boys need me. I just want them to be happy healthy normal kids. And I probably worry a little too much lol
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I do think that meds for ADD and adhd  affect children's behavior , may I ask what med the youngest one is on also the eldest ?
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Youngest is on strattera and oldest is on dexadrine. I started the oldest on meds about halfway thru year in 1st grade after he was almost failing and having problems concentrating and getting in trouble. He is now going into 4th grade and finished 3rd as an honor roll studenbt with an
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As an honor roll student with an overall 3.9 Gpa. I started youngest after he turned 5 in preschool for the same reasons and at his therapist suggestion. He also has OCD and ODD (about 75% of kids with 1 behavior porblem have a secondary problem).  Meds really help and if they forget to take them for just a day you can see a big difference in their behavior. I usually end up with notes sent home from teachers if they skip it (teachers have no idea they forgot their meds).
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I did some research and strattera does cause weight loss and it can be a problem for children you may want to discuss it with the Doctor I copied this out  .....  
Strattera® (atomoxetine hydrochloride) is a prescription medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). There are a number of possible side effects with Strattera, and weight loss is one that appears to occur commonly. For some people, this may be a good thing. For many people, however, unintended weight loss can be a problem. For example, weight loss can be a problem in growing children.
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The only problem is its the only medication that helps both his OCD and ADHD that's a non stimulate. Stimulates have almost a reverse affect on him (they were the 1st thing we put him on). Also stimulates have the same weight gain issue (hence the oldest).  What concerns me is just that according to everything I can find Aaron is only in the 2nd percentile on BMI charts....meaning only 2% of kids his age are the same or small than him.
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The oldest lost weight when he went on his meds but has shown some Wright gain over the last 3 yrs. Also oldest BMI is like 45% so I'm not too worried. Aaron hasn't lost any weight but he hasn't gained any weight in the 18 months he's been on strattera.  I'm just trying to decide if I should let it go like his Dr thinks or if I should try to put him on a weight gain diet. I don't want to cause weight problems later in life for him but everyone (family, teachers,  and friends comment on how small and fragile he looks).
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Whilst he on that med it may continue but it wouldnt hurt to put him on a weight gain program in my opinion ..
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Ha, well, my son is 47 inches and 46 pounds and he is 7!  When he was 6, he was 42 inches and 40 pounds.  His doctor announced at his doctors appointment last week that he is growing great!  He's right on his own curve.

My good friend has twins, one is about my 7 year old son's size and his twin brother is about my 8 year old's size and these twins are 8.  One is just smaller.  No reason why.

I think kids do come in different packages and it just is what it is.

What my pediatrician told me was to give my son lots of snacks besides just his meals.  It doesn't seem to curtail him from eating breakfast lunch and dinner to have snacks.  Find things that are healthy---  my kids just got into flavored beef jerkey which is low in fat and high in protein.  We do protein bars, salty (nut) and sweet bars (honey and yogurt), cheese sticks, yogurt, etc.  And I offer these things often.

Is your son dropping off his growth chart??
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I would still have the meds checked out with a doctor and as I copied out children do have side effects like weight loss and emotional problems from certain meds .......
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