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Unexplained Symptoms in 1yr old ... Follow up from another question!!

Our daughter was diagnosed with failure to thrive about 3 months ago. She went from 50% to 0% in a 3-4 months. She went through periods of having an aversion to food, to eating and still not gaining. We have seen a gastrogist, hematologist, endro, and a cardio, behaviorist, and speech. Her RBC counts are in "normal range" but are slowly dropping while her WBC counts are in "normal range" but are slowly increasing. She was recently admitted into the hospital where an ultrasound came back negative, MRI was negative, and however they found a moderate sized hole in her heart (ASD). The right side of her heart is also enlarged and when she was being admitted into the hospital her heart rate jumped up to 189.Two weeks ago she was 17lbs and 2oz; we had taken a two week break, because it was a mental strain and needed the break. (we go for weekly weight checks) Today she weighed in at 17lbs 4 oz. She is eating an average of 900-1100 calories a day in pediasure alone. She eats throughout the day as well. Her pattern is breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. Her pediasure is offered at every meal and she happily drinks it. One thing that I would like to add, because it’s just sitting in the back of my brain and nagging me HORRIBLY! When our daughter was born she seemed “colicky.” She was ALWAYS irritable, uncontent, and basically liked nothing. She didn’t have colic or reflux, but this uncomfortable feeling kept her up. For the first four months of her life we all dealt with the constant demands of “Princess Reilly.”  We started feared the worst, she refused to make eye contact, smile, coo, roll over, there was nothing to her. She was able to lift her head and move it around. When one day she smiled, coo, rolled over, and made beautiful eye contact. It was as though someone answered our prayers. However, this is when she went from 50% to 0%. She wasn’t very active still at this point and was still eating as much as she was before her “light switch” went off.
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