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Unexplained testicular pain. Can you help my little boy find some relief?

My nine year old son began complaining of testicular pain about three days ago. The sensation was explained as if someone was squeezing them.  He was initially examined by his pediatrician, who was not concerned about it being a torsion, and said to just assume it is growing pains.  I am becoming more and more uncomfortable with this "diagnosis" because the pain seems to be increasing.  He does not want to be active, wants to soak in a warm tub to soothe the pain, and is asking for ibuprofen to help as well. I am seeking an alternative perspective. I am concerned there may be something else going on, but we were only focused on the possibility of an emergent torsion, that we did not explore other options.
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You got it checked out and that's good.  However, if the situation is evolving and getting worse, it is prudent to check back in with your son's doctor for further examination.  Don't assume torsion though without anything to really back that up.  I think that torsion is often accompanied not with just pain but swelling and redness?  Torsion is important to get diagnosed quickly so go ahead and have your son re examined. They may also want to test his urine to make sure he doesn't have an infection.
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You might also ask for him to be seen by a different doctor. I would not be happy if a doctor could not provide a diagnosis for my son.
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The most common causes of acute scrotal pain in children and adolescents include testicular torsion, torsion of the appendix testis, and epididymitis. If symptoms persist, consider scrotal ultrasound.
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Did you have any follow up from this?  I'd love to know what happened.
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