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Unknown Inguinal Groin Pain

I desperate need help for my 11 year old son. He is having pain in his groin area onset for about 6 years now. The pain is increasing. I took him to several physicians and nobody knows what's causing it. It all started when he was a baby, he had a little mass in his inguinal area and I took him to a urologist he said was nothing and would disappear. It never disappeared. I kept seeing the mass and he started to have pain in his inguinal area, near the femoral area.  The little mass kept disappearing and appearing. I had to make videos so drs. would believe me. When he was 6 years old he did orchiopexy surgery then 2017 pediatric surgery did laparoscopic surgery and found a right inguinal hernia . However, this hernia was never detected in ultrasounds, MRI's or CT's scans. After his surgery the pain got worse. Since 2017 he is having this pain on and off. Now, 2021 the pain is extreme and frequent it's daily at a level 9. He describes the pain likes pins and needles.
He is having the pain in bilateral - groining area- femoral area as well. His belly gets swollen and his veins gets dilated. He doesn't have pain any elsewhere. I already took him back pediatric surgery and he recommended to take to pain management doctor and I am intrigued because no physician in my area knows what is causing the pain. I'm running out of options at this point he's been to countless different doctors and over the counter pain meds aren't helping anymore. I'm desperate for help I can't stand watching him suffer everyday. I'm researching and looking for answers. If anyone has any tips, please let me know.
He already did all kinds of tests: urology, immunology, blood test, vascular, CT scan, ultrasound, MRI
Thank you for your kindness and help!
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Hi! How is your son now? Just from your description I cant say anything for sure. A physical exam and meticulous study of all aforementioned findings and imagery should be done. Also some more Information about the pain is needed. When does it get worse (specific activities, time of day etc.), what makes it less (laying down, warm bath etc.), does it irradiate to chest or a leg, duration. What kind of meds and painmeds were prescribed and which ones helped? Does he get any other swellings than tummy, e.g. legs?  Which veins get filled during the pain attacks? Legs, scrotum, penis, belly? My best guess is a vascular malformation somewhere in venous system, which prevent proper blood flow from the groin area thus causing well filled veins, increased filling of the veins stretches the vessels thus causing pain. Do not concentrate on the groin area if my theory is plausible. The portal vein of the liver for example could be the culprit. Vascular pain is very painful. Usually even the strongest painkillers like Morpfine and derivatives wont help and coanalgesics like antidepressants are needed. Another consideration- you describe that the pain got worse after the operations. Adhesions are unfortunate common complications after the operations on abdomen. These adhesions could impair the blood flow in the vessels of inguinal canal. Also during the operation could some nerves gotten damaged, which cause pain without any apparent cause. And one last theory- the hernia has reoccurred and needs revision. Hope this helps a bit.
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