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Unusual Menstrual Symptoms

Thought I would check and see if anyone out there has ever heard of this, or experienced this.  My daughter has had her cycle for over a year now.  We do have a history of painful menstrual cycles in our family, so we are use to the normal cramps etc.  However once in October, and then again today, my daughter has had 2 very odd episodes.  She awakes from her sleep in pain.  Has extreme pain just above the pubic bone, excruciating pain. She ends up rolling around on the floor in pain.   She throws up, and is in extreme pain for about 20-30 minutes.  Where then it subsides, and she starts her period.  She has a history of kidney stones, so when this happened the first time we actually thought it might be kidney stones.  They ran several tests to check her ovaries etc and everything was ok.  Today it happened again, and during the episode she hadn't started her cycle yet, no blood in urine or when she wipes.  After about 1/2 hour she started her period.  Her doctor has never seen such acute pain right at the onset of a menstrual cycle, but believes that's what it is, now that it has happened twice.  She is going to try putting her on BC pills to see if it affects her cycles at all.  She has had a couple of cycles in between the first episode and today's, which were normal.  She had bad cramps, but just cramps that she uses the heating pad for, and takes ibuprofen.  I just thought I would do some research myself and see if anyone out there has ever had this, or heard of this.  Thanks for any information you can share.
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Mom, the uncomfortableness seems familiar. I had these problems but I was around 19 or so. I had problems with my ovaries. They would not release the eggs in time and so therefore I was put on progesterone pills. The pain has stopped. Please make sure you check to see if your daughter has fibroids?? I am not a Dr. but this came up for me.
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