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Zantac for baby?

my 14 weeks baby girl weighing 12 pounds spits up at least 3 to 4 times every feed (4 feeds per day) and she burps many times as well and she gets all cranky and fussy while burping or spitting.. She doesn't cry excessively but she just seems annoyed and we need to keep distracting her.. she takes up to one hour and half  two hours sometimes to finish all her birps, my ped said she might have mild reflux but since thank God she's gaining weight normal and she doesnt seem in real agony it's better not to give anthing and just wait until her 5th months and check if the symptoms fade away.. but im thinking of trying zantac for her the least doisage possible just to cjeck if it will reduce the spitting and the crankiness after feeds, but i also don't want her tummy to get used to it since my self i have been on omeprazole for years and can't live without it.. it's only during my pregnancy that I have changed to zantac  and in severe cases pariet or lanzor. I don't know what to do, and what are the dosage since I didn't find baby zantac it's the same as the one for adults the only difference that this one is sirop.. so shall i try it? and how much do i give her and when before or after feed everyday or only when she seems very cranky after feeds? plz help
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Dont give your baby anything without consulting your doctors first,have him check her over and let him decide what to do.
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i agree dont give baby meds especialy for adults u could try feeding the baby less more often like a cpl oz every 3 to 4 hrs that way she can take thime to digest and a full belly can cause spitting up cause of pressure on the diafram also make sure the baby is sitting up a little while eating not laying flat and a diff nipple for the bottle may help my nephew spit up every time he ate for a while untill we got the bottle and nipple right
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