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abdominal X-ray shows poop?

My daugther is 6 weigthing 54 kilos, she is been investigate for possible cushing's, and now and abdominal x-ray shows her stomach full of poop. Her doctor only sent to her a laxative not even a name or brand and he told me to gave it to her for 4 to six months. It is possible how dangerous is for my poor daugther that poop in her stomach, she has bowel movements every day latlely painful for her. Any advice please??????
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is it actually in her stomach? or just backed up in her bowels/small bowel. There is a huge differnce there.
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you know what i jut call the dr. office to ask and they told me that is only in her bowels, please help if you knoe something!
Thank you!
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I would recommend seeing a gastroenterologist about this.  Also you might want to post on the gastroenterology community to see if anyone there has any ideas.
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Thank you so much!
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