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brain cyst/ swollen fontanelle

I seek further answers as I have been told not to worry about a 'table-spoon' sized cyst filled with 'CSF' in a space in my sons brain just under his fontanelle. When my son was born he had various 'floppy episodes',  egg-shaped fontanelle, skin would turn blue and mottled, and he screamed as if in agony if we went to put him flat on his back to sleep, only sleeping if he was lying slightly tilted in his pram or upright in our arms.
We had a few emergency trips to hospital when he would cry so hard he would start to go blue and floppy and in the course of investigating the cause of these episodes they found the cyst which the paediatricians described as an 'incidental finding' totally unrelated to his swollen fontanelle or the floppy episodes.  The size of his head increased suddenly from 'average' to 91st centile post- birth and an ultrasound scan was performed in the course of these investigations.  Everything the radiologist described to me made sense of my little boys behaviour in those first few months.  He was of the opinion that the cyst should not be there and when my baby was lying slightly tilted or upright the fluid from the cyst would be draining down his spinal cord and if he wasn't it would be filling its area in the brain and then protruding through the nearest space available his fontanelle and causing him discomfort.  The paediatricians dismissed this altogether and still insist the cyst is an 'incidental finding' and I have never been given any explanation as to why his fontanelle was like an egg on his head or why he went floppy and drifted in and out of consciousness.
My little boy is now two, his fontanelle has not yet healed over completely, he says no words and has now started to display extremes of behaviour and can switch from being cute, cuddly and affectionate to unusual displays of anger and violence. He has a strong appetite but seems to have stuck at a height of 86cms.
I am a concerned mother trusting my 'gut instincts' and seeking further answers from any other doctors out there. Please can anyone help me.
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