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congenital hip dislocation

At 2 months old my daughter was diagnoticated with Hip Dislocation therefore she was wearing a pavlik Harnest since then until she turned 6 months.Then the doctor did an  x-ray andsaid that the harnest did't work so he put her in a metal brace she still wears until now that she is one year old my question is what about is this metal brace don't work like tha pavlick harnest ? is surgery the next step?what are the riks of going under the knive so yough? I am very concern about her hip and want to do the right thing for her Please help
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How often is she evaluated in the brace?  I would ask them at that time.  If it is not happening regularly, I would make an appointment and ask the questions you have asked above.
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well the orthopedist said she had to wear it at least 6 months I made an app.about a month ago cause she is crawling and the brace just seems very unconfortable but he said that she has to be in it at least for another 2 months so I have to take her back to see him next month but I just don't know what to do because a lot of people said inclusing my husband said that she is fine cuase she doen't seem to be and any pain.
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I recommed taking her to a shrinners hospital they have the very best orthopidics in the world,plus they are free and if you dont live near one they will pay for you to get to their hospital.If that is somthing you are not interested in I would deffently get second and third opinons.As far as surgry at a young age my son is 4 and has gone through 16 back surgries he started at the age of one and a half.If I tell people they usaly dont belive it unless I show them his scard up back.HE is just like any little boy his age.Its very rough watching him have to go through all of this but I try to think of it like this.Theese surgries are going to make him what he is suposed to be in life with a lot of compasion to other people.He already says he wants to be a doctor when he grows up.Good luck
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I'd get another opinion from another orthopedic doc. Though if the brace does not work, the next step will probably be surgery. And I wouldn't worry about the surgery being too horrendous. It will probably be more hard on you than it is on him. That's how it was for me. I had surgery at the age of 9 months and again at a year and a half. My parents were pretty stressed and tired, though they said it didn't affect me all that much. I don't even remember it now.  
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Hello,  I am sorry you are scared at the moment not kowing what is happening or what will happen but let me share this with you.  My daughter is a twin and she is 6 when she was born she had a dislocate hip, we went through all the same things as you are going through the pavlick, the metal and so on.... it all really depends on the child and what God has for them but we ended up having the open hip repair.  It is not as bad as you may think (your child is carefully monitored and the surgery is less than 2 hours and will be in recovering eating and drinking before you know it) However the only bad side effects is the body cast they will put your child in it goes from just under the breast bone to their ankles.  It has a tiny hole for a diaper and it gets really dirty and nasty.  your baby cant wash under the cast but the long term is good.  My daughter sees her orthopedictic once a year and is doing great.  I hope i was of some assistance to you.  Please let me know if you have any other questions that i can answer regarding this situation.  
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