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continuing low grade fever

This isn't strictly urology though it starts there. My one year old granddaughter is now on a one year course of antibiotic after it was determined she had a urinary tract infection a few weeks ago. An ultra sound was done and she is stage 2 reflux? Any way she now has a case of thrush in her mouth, and has had a low grade fever since this whole thing began. She is also teething (two lower molars) and has sneezing and a runny nose. Day care keeps sending her home because they won't keep a baby with a temp over 100. It's been up and down from 99 to 100.9. When she had the urinary tract infection it got as high as 102 to 104. She just went back to pediatrician yesterday. Lungs are clear, ears are fine, etc. They say she's just got the temp from teething and has allergies , which I don't doubt because a lot of people in our area are miserable right now. Poor baby! They don't give babies this young anything for allergies and I can't help but wonder if there are still problems with the urinary tract thing; although you would think antibiotic would keep away everything else. Is the antibiotic causing the thrush, and should her parents be concerned about her getting thrush in the vaginal area this young? How long does teething misery last?  I'm so worried about her having so many things going on at once.
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awww I can understand how you feel poor little thing, you say she's on a one year course of anti biotics , I think that may be worth querying with the doctor especially if its causing the thrush and UTI   ..May I ask if she is an only child, you say she is in day care do they change the diaper regularly so she is kept clean .she probably gets colds etc from day care as she is with other children . If I was her parent I would be a bit concerned and would check out she is being cared for properly .
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