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enlarged ovaries and pubic hair @ 5yo now 10 and problems

When my daughter was 5 she started full growth of pubic hair and under arm hair, oily hair, body odor. Saw Dr. she ordered some blood work (don't know what numbers are off top of my head) and she ordered a full ultrasound of her entire mid section, ovaries, kidneys, etc... She did not have breast tissue at the time and no menstration. Now she is 10 and she is overweight and def. shorter than her sister and probablly average height compared to kids in her class. However, until last year was always towering over the kids in her classes. (I am cafeteria manager @ her school, is how I know). She has been having headaches if not everyday but maybe at least 3 times a week in the the temple area. She has acne bad and they gave her cream for her face,(helps some) she still has really oily hair with alot of breakage. I don't know how to tell if she actually has breast tissue or it is fatty tissue. I as her mother have hypothyroidism and this is the only history of any family problems that I know of. My concern is hormonal issues especially since she has had a headache everyday since last Friday 7 days. Any suggestions where to start and what you think medically
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There is no doubt that  Girls are hitting puberty much earlier than their mothers did and there is much written about it and reasons.why, in fact it has doubled in a decade.The head aches may not be related, I really think that you need some answers from your Doctor how to proceed to help her as in some cases psychological and and social problems ensue as early sexual development may make them appear different from their peers. Your Doctor can in fact perform tests to identify a possible physical cause for CPP(Central Precocious Puberty)Has she been offered the treatment of Lupron Depot Ped?
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