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how big is genetics in elevated calcium
Ok so I had 3.5 parathyroids removed 13 years ago
my oldest son was diagnosed FHH 5 years ago AGE 5 (I was never comfortable with this diagnosis but didn't feel like fighting with his mother any more)
my middle son has been having a really hard over the last year and we just found out his calcium is high, PTH is Normal but shouldn't be. the endocrinologist at the children's hospital seems to be leaning to FHH but hasn't said it yet

So what are the chances that a guy without FHH could have 2 sons with FHH? I mean seriously I'd love to see the numbers

oh and the youngest has yet to have his calcium tested but i'm sure one day it'll come up...

Does anybody know who tests , genetically, the calcium receptor, G-proteins and the rest of the control and feed back system for calcium, PTH, vitamin D, and the rest?

I'll bet we could be the basis for a pretty good paper,

sorry this is fragmented so badly ... I need to get some sleep.

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