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leg pain in 4 yr old

Hi, My son who is currently 4 years old has episodes where his knee, foot and leg has really bad pain. His knee will swell up (like he got bo-tox injections) when this happens he will start screaming and he wont be able to walk or put pressure on that leg. This usually happens very early mornings between 1am and 4am but here lately there have been times that is has happened during the day and early evening. We have been to several different doctors and specialist over the past 2 1/2 years since this all started they have done xrays after xrays and have found nothing wrong. He has knock knees and his right knee is bigger than the left. He had meningitis in August 2010 (4months old) but they said that it would not be causing this pain to happen. Also we have been told by on specialist that this is not growing pains but he has no clue what is happening. I am at a total loss right now and they only thing I know to do is ask for an MRI.
I am just wanting to see if anyone has had a child or knows someone that has had something like this happen and what was done. Also open to suggestions on what to do,
Thank you
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