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my 3 yo having abdomanal pain help

my 3 yo has been sick for 8 days now a bad tummy ach ware she cries out in pain, and she has been vomiting she has no fever shes been to the emergancy room they sent her home doing no tests then i brought her to her doc and he did x ray of her abdomon and she was full of gas cuz her colon was dialated all the way to the stomach he said she needed to have a bowl movement she has it was soft and she is still crying in pain well just got back from the urgent care they did blood work checked from her wbc all the way to like her suger levels and stuff even tested for mono every thing came back normal even her pee was normal...im just so confused that she is in so much pain and nothing is wrong with her but i feel there is do you have any advice what to ask her docs to look for right now she is on the couch crying out in intense pain but then she will stop and just be in pain :-(
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Try bending her knees up to her stomach, to increase the chance that she will pass gas, and massaging her stomach.  Also, try some infant probiotic powder, it is available at health-food stores and in the health-food sections of some grocery stores.
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