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my son was born with pubic hair and is now 5 and still has it.

my son was born with pubic hair and still has it at the age of 5.  He is developmentally delayed.  He did not walk until almost 2 years old.  He did not sit up on his own until about 11 months old. He has had a hernia in his testicle repaired.  He cried constantly until 7 months old when he was put on some bowel meds, which he no longer takes.   He has the vocabulary of a 1.5 year old.  he is on a gfcf diet it has helpped.  he has had cronic bowel movement problems.  he has not ever cried tears when he is upset only when swallowing food or drink.  He has a very short attention span.  He has had many ear infections, Including right now.  He has had limited feeling in his hands and feet, but that seems to be getting better.  There is something wrong and not one doctors have come up with any answer.  Please help.  

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