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oral aversion problem for a 5mo

5mo diagnose with oral aversion.

Her history:
full term baby healthy, breastfeed: never had any tube placed in her.
@2wks we attempted to introduced the bottle and failed miseribly. We continue trying for upto 3 mo.
She is feed on a Demand based... that means every 1 to 2 hrs-- very erratic at times.
@3mo: placed into daycare for only in the morning. At daycare they tried really hard to get her to feed. At times she cries but they ignore her.
@4mo, she decided to quite BF and the bottle: nursing strike of both types. Therefore we attempted to force feed her for 1 wk. It helped maintain her weight . Started sucking thumb very vigoriously.
@4mo & 2wk: Saw a lactation specialist who told us to stop forcefeeding and need to start her on cuddling with me. Also introduce a medicine dropper to ease her hunger as I attempt feeding her. She states she has oral aversion and also I have a very strong let-down that irriate her. AT times she would refuse to feed upto 8hrs. After the 8hrs, she would only take 2 or 3 oz to calm her hunger. And then suck her thumb to sleep .
@4mo & 3wk: Started a feeding schedule to increase her appeitite and increase her stomache size as recommended by ped. Her weight started dropping. Within 2 wks she was dropping from 22% to 10%. Me and my husband took time off from work to get her back on track. We did with feeding from a medicine dropper and increasing the calorie content of her Breastpumped milk .
@5mo: she was diagnose with Oral Aversion from a speech therpist  and will soon see a throat specialist and will become part of "first Step"

Now for feeding she she starts sucking her thumb, I drop milk into the side of her mouth . After 1 or 2 oz, I introduce the bottle. After feeding 3 oz and she gets sleepy, I Introduce my breast . She has no problem chewing on other items around the house, but once you try feeding her with the bottle or breast without going through the above procedure, she throws a hysterical fit.

Question: I need advice how to wean her from the dropper and either to a bottle or a sippy cup. I know I will get alot from all of these specialist. But I want a variety of advice. I have learned my lesson to not trust just one 1 person any more. I had to argue with the Ped to convince him there was something wrong because he keep on see the results of my husband and I preventing my baby from falling down too fast. I basically show him a daily graph of her weight . PS: I  already switch ped due to the previous ped for incompency. This one is recommended for this actions and follow-up and dealing with this type of issue.  I am soo tired. She refuse to feed from anyone but me. And I have to feed her every 2 or 3 hrs. Also daycare still feeds her 1x a day: They states she get fussy but do not throw a fit. She will take 2-3oz from the bottle and then the rest from a dropper.
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hi, sometimes the hypersensitivity in the mouth or even hypo sensitivity makes these kind of problems. the speech therapist is a good choice in my idea. if I'm right she would correct it by stimulation therapy. but have you checked milk in a different smell or taste? maybe she doesn't tolerate the odor or taste of the milk.
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PS: She is also on zantac since she was 2 mo for reflux. However, reflux has been ruled out as problem: her barium swallow test shows she is good.
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