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Thirty two years ago, I had a son, he was always very energetic, skinny, behavior problems, ate a lot etc.  When he was 17 yrs old, his eyes bulged out so much that when he looked down at his plate at dinner, I thought they were going to fall out.  Yes, graves disease!  He had RI and now takes a thyroid supplement.  His grandmother (my mother in law) had overactive thyroid at some time in her life and her thyroid was taken out..
Now, my daughter has a son with all the same symptoms as my son had.  Sometimes he is very uncontrollable because of his energy.   He had blood work for his thyroid and then was told that they don’t have numbers to know what is normal for a child.  
I am reliving, the difficulties with my Grandson as I did with my son.  I firmly believe that this could be his thyroid but can’t prove it.  Could you tell me what the levels should be for a four yr old and if there is a special test that should be done to rule this out completely.  
Thanks much

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I think you would get better answers if you put this question on the Thyroid disorders forum ...good luck
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Thank you
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Hi can any1 help please me HERE IS SOME HISTORY ON MY SON diagnosed with OPTIC NERVE HYPOPLASIA(plz bear in mind he has been experiencing his difficulties b4 diagnosis of ONH) we've been told ONH can come with loads of other associated conditions and we've been told he should be seeing and endocrinologist & ginetesist,we are not sure if any of his difficulties are due to ONH,he didn't start walking till aged 2,never grasped potty training,never started talking till age 3 and still needed speech therapy upto age 7, he is blind in 1 eye,he has severe allergies(antihistamines are not effective) he has loads of nose bleeds day & nite,sleepless nights,headaches,all over body cramps,stomach pains,body stiffness causing him pain & discomfort any time of day especially on left side of body & his neck & night time its his legs & back mainly,fatigue,lethargy,unable to sit upright un assisted (he had a foot xray for lumps that look like 2nd ankles and they said because of the way his bones have grown that's why he cannot sit up ??),plus toiletting problems day & night,he has great social difficulty especially in school and parties,in some situations he gets so stressed till his nose pours with blood and he sweats till his clothes are soaked then he sometimes cannot remember anything or how he got into that state,he has sensory processing difficulties,always hungry or just doesn't eat on some days,difficulty swallowing,he is on waiting list for full ASD assessment, So because of ONH an MRI of brain & orbits was done and because of toileting problems ULTRA SOUND of bladder & kidneys was done,we haven't yet received the written report of US but radiologist said his BLADDER was THICKENED which shows he can only hold 5 table spoons of fluid but should be able to hold 25-30 tbl spoons before feeling the urge @ his age,& even after he goes toilet several times his bladder still does not empty (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ?)... Now the MRI results of brain & orbits:- under developed optic nerve & high signal in T2. Elsewhere there are bilateral high signal small scattered foci in both hemispheres in periventricular regions which are non specific and of uncertain significance to patients age.(WHAT DOES THIS MEAN CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND) we haven't had the greatest help from medical profs,my son has had difficulties since birth and seem to be worsening as he's getting older but the profs cannot seem to point us in the right direction PLEASE HELP ME
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I think on the post below we have given you the radiology forum to put your question..
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