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persisting symptoms in nine year old

Hi there,

Our nine year old son has been ill for about a year.  It started with motor tics and then stomach pain.  The stomach pain became severe and then he began to have bright red blood in diarrhea.  In October, we eliminated gluten and dairy from his diet.  The diarrhea stopped and stomach pain improved.  He then began to have pain after eating other foods, so one at a time we eliminated eggs, soy, nuts, beef, and pork.  By February, he had severe reflux and esophagitis and was diagnosed with EoE.  After a repeat endscopy, his GI doc said his eosinophil count is normal.  Unfortunately, he continues to have reflux, stomach pain, throat pain and a persistent low grade fever.  He is now also complaining of chest pain, is lethargic, and occasionally his legs hurt.  He has lost about nine pounds in the past three months.

Thanks for any ideas you have.
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Just a thought...Did they rule out laryngopharyngeal reflux? It could account for the constant throat pain since the acid comes through the esophagus and goes into the throat, burning it. The fever and weight loss may be symptoms too. Other symptoms are post-nasal drip, complaints of a lump feeling in throat, a cough or hoarse voice. LPR usually has asthma-like symptoms as well.  I hope you find a diagnosis soon and he recovers quickly!
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The symptoms you describe are similar to ones I hear about often in both adults and children , it could be allergies , and possible environmental from posts I have sen many are sick last year and this year.all I can suggest is pursue it with the doctor ask for more tests .good luck
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