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pink swollen eye

i have both my 1yr old daughter and my 3yr old son sick. they have one eye half way closed it's pink, swollen and they have mucus coming out often i've tried cleaning it put regular visine, visine for allergies and it just looks like a bee stinged them nothing seems to work...what can i do or put on it?
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I sounds like conjunctivitis and you may need an anti biotic from the Doctor , it is catching so make sure others in the family wash hands well after touching him.Get him checked out to see if it is that ..good luck.
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Oh yes, good old pink eye.  Call the doctor and be prepared, you will likely get it as well.  We've been lucky to only have this just a couple of times but our pediatrician gives drops for the whole family as it is quite contagious.  good luck----  
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