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sons always sick

Hi there i have some concerns about my 2 yr old son.  a couple months ago he had a huge swollen lymph node on his neck it was huge like the size of a ping pong ball  and his tonsils were so swollen and white and ***** the doc tested him for strep and nothing.  but she did give him meds.so we waited a few days and it went away no big deal, so about a month and a half ago him and my daughter both got sick with a runny nose cough fever bug. hers only lasted a few days, but my sons lasted for wks he had a fever for a little over 2 wks swollen nodes in the neck and was a mess. they said it was pneumonia in both lungs they gave him 3 different meds before they found one that seemed to touch it. he finally got over it about 2 wks ago. now he we are only 2 wks after getting over pneumonia and he woke up the other morning with a nasty cough. hes congested again and his nodes in neck r swollen like he has a sore throat and a fever  same as always. I am taking him to the doctors but while im waiting to be seen i was just wondering if anyone had any idea what it could be im getting very worried as it seems he is never well anymore and he is up to date on all vaccines i am constantly cleaning the home to make sure he doesnt get any germs. i am going to request he see an ENT and maybe have an allergy test done as well as the possibility of needing his tonsils out. idk what else to do. any suggesstions would be appreciated thanks =)
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I had this kind of issue with 2 of my children , always sick, sore throat swollen glands, ear aches ..a few years ago now , they removed their tonsils and they wwre not sick like that again .I know now they try to leave them in but if they are making your child this sick all the time I think you should insist and go to another Doctor  for another opinion
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