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sores around nostril every time my son is sick

Hello. My 7 year old son keeps getting these Lil sores that look like pimples with whiteheads and red they scab up once he's starts getting better from being sick. I've notice they only appear when he is sick. The first time he had this it was pretty bad starting from his nostril going down to his lip only on Wed one side and its always the same side.I put aloe vera on it and within a couple days it was healing. The last time he got this I took him to the Dr and she said but looked like strep and put him on penicillin. But now its back. Anyone might know what this could be?
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It might be thrush, or it might be eczema.  For thrush, try Vagisil cream, and for eczema, try an over-the-counter cortisone cream like Cort-Aid or Cortizone-10.  Don't do them both, though.  I'd first look up thrush, it's a yeast based infection (and seems kind of likely since he had penicillin).  Look at the pictures, and that looks like it, try the Vagisil or any other cream made to kill yeast infections.  (It used to work wonders on my baby's bottom when he got a diaper rash that had a yeast-infection foundation.)  Give it a few days, and if it does nothing, then try the otc cortisone.
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