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spotty skin and vein showing

my 4 year old has been getting what looks like spotty skin on his legs/feet and arms/hands. when i google it..it looks like pictures of cutis marmorata or livedo reticularis. It is not really as bad as some of the pictures but you can surely notice it if you are looking. I am really worried about this. It has been coming and going for almost 2 months now. I have been to the doctor and ped and they seem unconcerned. It doesn't seem to happen when he is cold either. Sometimes he has gotten it when he was probably warm. I don't think the ped even bothered to look at it. He told me I should go to the doctor myself and get anxiety medication.

Not sure if this is related, but, also there is a vein that became visible on the side of my son's face about 2 months ago. (it doesn't look like his other thinner blue facial veins) This one is blue also but looks thicker. It starts under the outer part of his eyes and continues a zigzag pattern all the way to his jaw. It also comes and goes. (visible to nonvisible) Now it is mostly visable. The doctor and ped don't know why it appeared..nor do they seem to think it is a big deal. He also had a head cold when this all started, after that bronchitis (had amoxicillin)  now it seems he is sick again and coughing all the time.

Again not sure if this is related but he seems to twitch during the night a lot too. Can all this be caused from respiratory infection? The only test he had was a cbc over 2 months ago because he had a red rash down his arm. About 3 or 4 circles. One circle was really round like a quarter. They thought they were just flybites and that I was worrying too much. By the time I got a referral to the derm the rash had disappeared a week later. then reappeared on the same arm, different spots, disappeared again a week later and never returned. So the derm never did see the rash.  I thought he could have gotten something from the sandbox outside. But maybe it was just sandfly bites. Now because I was so concerned about a rash that was apparently flybites, I am afraid they may not be taking me serious anymore. Any ideas what could be causing the vein to appear ..or the skin color?

Just really worried about the skin color and vein on the side of his face, even though I was told not to worry. What do you think? Should there be more testing done?
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the vien starts about an inch under his eyes..(not in his eye)
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There are many coughs and colds going round ,does he go to day care or school as he would pick up germs from there . The rash could be an allergy have you been using any new lotion or cream on his skin or bath lotion.Not certain about the vein running down his face , you could always ask for another opinion .,but I do know that blue veins on children are very common .
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