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stomach flu???

My 2 yr old son has just vomitted for the 3rd time since I've been home (12am) and 1 more time before that.  He pukes and doesn't have a problem passing right back out.  For example his last time he roled over and puked, cried a tiny bit and then he passed right back out.  3 days ago I contracted, what I thougt, was food poisening, but all last week my wife's mother was really sick with something... seems to be a coincidence!  I was wondering if there are any new stomach flus goin around and I'm about to take him to the E.R. cause I don't know the severity of what a stomach flu can do to a 2 yr old???
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If this has been going on for long I would definatly take him , it could indeed be food related children dehydrate quickly and you dont want that, so get some water down him, if he continues yes take him to be checked out, in fact it would ease your mind to just do it. ..Good Luck
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