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underweight toddler, under 3% on chart, no more testing!!

How concern should I be about my 2 year 2 month year old son who is less then 3rd % in weight and head circumference,  is 21st percentile in height?  

Yes he is on the "toddler high fat diet" i.e. butter, pediasure, olive oil, le creme yogurt, whole milk and others.
For testing he has had his echo, his bone age checked, goes to gastroenterologist d/t constipation (on mirelax) and silent acid reflux (on prevacid solutab for over a year), has had the blood work up for diabeties, thyroid check, kidney, white blood cell count, etc., has had sweat test, endoscopy (which checked for celiac disease and other things), and I could be missing one other.  

So far his dx is: constipation (which is well controlled with the mirelax), silent acid reflux (which is controlled with prevacid), BUT continues to be a "failure to thrive".

Could this be neurologic related? Can anybody relate to this issue of "failure to thrive"?  I'm tired of all these tests we have to go through, although are there any other tests that can be suggested? My PCP now states, oh go and get an allergy test, maybe it's b/c of a food allergy (even though he has no outward signs of any food allergies)?@#$  

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