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very high temperature

I would like to introduce you a very strange medical case. I would like to discuss for a boy 12 years old that is suffering a very high temperature up to 42.5 º C inexplicable and that has started since more than six months ago.
After one appendicitis operation the guy started to suffer from a periodical temperature that comes and go without any fever symptom. In the very beginning the temperature started with 37-38 º C and the period was 1-3 hours per day without any reason. The temperature comes in unexpected way and goes in the same way without any pill use. The guy often stays in normal condition for a long period for example 3-7 days when unexpectedly the temperature shows on.
Recently he has reached the temperature of 42.7 º C.
Even this high temperature the boy is in very good medical condition. By the touch he seems in very good condition, his behavior is normal and he is living a normal life.
Every kind of medical check up is done in Tirana University Hospital Center and even in Turkey Hospitals but no negative results was found out. Even the Mediterranean Fever examination is done but the results are negative. Every doubt for infection or tumors is fallen down.  
The doctors have presumed all the examination possible where the last one was even the Magnetic Resonance but even though his medical situation seems very normal.

Based on the above mentioned conditions I would request your help for resolving this situation. Any advice will be useful. We don’t know any more were to request any help.
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