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Any older women with pelvic organ prolapse, or who have had surgery for it?

I am a seventy-two year-old woman.  I have been to two different gynecologists for vaginal/uterine prolapse.  One doctor wanted to perform a hysterectomy, the other recommended use of vaginal estrogen cream and insertion of a vaginal device - pessary.  Not wanting to subject myself to the surgery, I chose the non-evasive procedure, which to my dismay does not seem to be working.  I am on the second device; the first kept falling free, the second hurts me on occasion and also moves.  The doctor keeps telling me that the device is correct and that I need to not bend over and/or not to exert myself, which will force the device free.  I am at a loss as to what I should do; continue with the cream and device, seek a third opinion, try surgery.  What would you do?
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Hi there.   I use a pessary and had to try more than one to get the right fit.   Why didnt you see a Urogynecologist as they are the prolapse specialists?   Gynes without the extensive extra training for prolapse operations are generally not the best Consultants to see.   If you were offered a hyserectomy did they say they would suspend the top of your vaginal cuff so as to avoid further prolapses?   Be careful of having a hysterectomy without a suspension of the vaginal cuff as many women just get more prolapses of the vaginal wall and even the vaginal cuff later on.

Can you see a womens physiotherapist for help with your pessary choice?   Have a look at the wide choice of pessaries available and get measured by a Urogyne then get the right pessary for you.   It is crazy to be told you cant exert yourself or bend over with a pessary in.   I am shocked at this ridicuous suggestion.   With the correct pessary and the correct fit of course you can walk around, and bend over without it moving about or falling out.   This is a big clue that your Gyne isnt aware of the wide range or pessaries you can get and how well they can fit.   I would see a Urogyne and take with you leaflets on pessaries and ask them to measure you.   If you see womens physio that also fits pessaries they may be able to help you choose the right pessary for you.  
Keep using the vaginal estrogen the Dr has given you whether you use a pessary or not to keep your vaginal tissues healthy.   I put the estrogen cream on my pessary then put it in each day.
Good luck and let us know how you get on
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