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Can Mesh Implant Cause Lower/Left Back Pain?

Hi Everyone, It sounds like  might have found the right pace to ask my questions. I had My Pelvic Floor and they surgery and a Hystorectomy along with slinging my bladder up.  I also had rectal prolapse and belive they used mesh along the wall to help stabalize everything and along my pelvic floor to stregnthen it.  I am 31 years old,and this happened about one year aho.  I have not had to many problems with everything, I have notice it takes me forever to pee and that sometimes it hurts during intercouse and we have to stop and swich positions. Which up until now i have ignored.  NOW my newest proplem is whithin the last month: I have severe back pain if a move a certain way that shoots into my left hip. Usually if I lean or bend down towards my left, it feels like nerve pain and hurts a heck of a lot!!!!!  It really really *****!  Anyway, have any of you experienced this?  I have been unable to have a BM without the use of Laxitve the last month, which has never ever happend beofre, so that alone has me thinking something is NOT right!  I cant get into to see my specialist  for another month!  I called 3 days ago when the back pain was at its worst but he says that it sounds more like a pulled muscle or something. Not related to the BM...but after thinking I wonder if anyone has ever had their Mesh attach itself somewhere along a neve, which causes problems.  It even bothers me if I sit down and shift to a position my body disagrees with.    Do you think the mesh and back pain might be related.  Just wanted others options while I wait for my appointment.  The more knowlege you have the better off you are....Right :)  Thanks for you imput!
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Sorry to hear you are having so many problems.
You seem to have had anterior and posterior vaginal wall mesh for cystocele and rectocele together with a hyserectomy.  Did you have any support for the top of your vagina put in and do you have any other mesh?
I feel it is possible you have some mesh issues especially due to you not being able to urinate so easily plus pain issues.
Get a copy of the notes from your operation which you can get from the hospital and or your surgeon.  Did you have a Urogynecologist do your operation?  
It is possible that your nerve pain and back pain could also be linked to your operation but to be sure you will need to see a Urogynecologist for a check on how you are now.  
I would get a second opinion as well as see your original surgeon.  Get your notes, operation notes, and questions ready before you go.  If you need to get to see a Urogyne sooner then see them and get the operation info as soon as you can.

If you feel fobbed off my your Dr then get another Urogye opinion.  
All of your symptoms are important and need to be explained.  I dont think simply being told you have probably strained your back, is helpful at this stage, especially without a consultation.  All your symptoms need to be addressed comprehensively.

Let us know how you get on.

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Hi, I recently had prolapse surgery. Before surgery when I researched for doctors and surgical methods including mesh, I found a lot of info from women who had problems from prolapse surgery.  One woman I shared emails with was having surgery for mesh erosion.  You might have heard or read about mesh problems in prolapse surgery.  Of course I have no idea if that could be your problem or part of it and I don't want to alarm you.  I think you do need to keep this in mind when you see your surgeon or go for another opinion preferably with a urogynecologist.  The pain you are suffering should be seriously addressed and not cast off as a pulled muscle without being examined.  Pelvic area is full of nerves and muscle that are interconnected.  After a thorough exam that you are satisfied with you might get help from a physical therapist that specializes in the pelvic therapy.  An experienced therapist can help muscle and or nerve pain if that is what is giving you your pain.  Good luck!
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I have the pain on my lower right back.  Now you have me wondering???  I keep going for epidurals for the "inflammation" and pain but maybe I need to investigate this further!!  Thanks for your post
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