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Could my prolapse really be causing all my bowel issues?

Hi I've been recently told I have a rectocele, cystocele and uterine prolapse, uterine being the worse one, I wasn't told what stage they were however presumed not bad as the only thing I was told to do was pelvic floor exercises for 3 month,and take painkillers and stool softeners and come back if pain worsens.

The symptoms I was having which led me to go and get checked out in the first place were sacrum area pain and pressure feeling rectum area along with feeling like I needed to pass stool all the time but being unable to vaginal stretching feeling when using bathroom. Pelvic and groin area pain and also problems having a bowel movement. Which has been getting progressively worse over the last few month.

Anyway the bowel problems over the last few weeks especially are really concerning me to the point I'm beginning to wonder if it is my prolapse or something else that is causing the troubles. I just haven't been able to pass stool at all really, if I do manage to go at all dispite my best efforts only a small amount of soft skinny flat poo comes out. The only way I manage to go is by basically living on stool softeners 2 to 3 times a day which results in a soft/liquidy stool that takes a bit less effort to pass. The pains I have been having have also reduced a little with not going to the loo basically and the less effort on the loo by using the softeners which is great but it's not solving my problems and it's frustrating.

Is this normal considering my prolapse are apperantly not too bad or am I right in thinking that something else could be going on?

Can't seem to find anyone writing anything similar everywhere I have looked online so I'm getting worried more and more about it all every day.

Anyone having the same symptoms or can offer advice please.
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Hey! Did you ever figure this out? I’ve been going through something similar.
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I have been having the same issue. Hope someone can offer some tips.
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