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Could my symptoms correspond to prolapse? Bulge inside rectum

Dear all,

I am a 24 year old female. I have been having this subtle pain (more like pressure) on the lower left side of my abdomen for quite a few months now; sometimes, the pain radiates to the back and even my leg. This pressure sometimes feels like as someone was pulling my pelvis, as I had 5 kg weight pulling downwards (I don't know how to explain it really). I have been to a gynecologist and had a pap, a vaginal ultrasound and pelvic exam and only found a bit of inflammation in the cervix. He did diagnosed me with PCOS.

Even though I have not had changes in my bowel movements, I have noticed minimal and very very subtle bright red blood coating my stool every once in a while in some small parts but I also noticed a thrombosed hemorrhoid; Anyways, I decided to go to a gastroenterologist and, after ultrasound and soft tissue ultrasound (with no findings whatsoever) she has suggested to run the occult blood in stool test. I am currentlly waiting the results for that.

Let's say I decided to take the matters "on my own hands" meanwhile and I have noticed that, when pushing, there is a bulge inside my anus that kind of "comes out"?; not outside the anus, but into the rectal canal (is that what is called?). I have also noticed that this bulge is located exactly where I can feel another kind of bulge inside my vagina (I believe this is my cervix? can you even get to touch the cervix?) Since all these symtoms started to appear, I have also noticed that, even though I go to the toilet everyday, I sometimes need to push my buttock in order to properly have a bowel movement and that I am not able to pass gas as much as I would like to and I believe this is causing me abdominal pain (like trapped wind feeling), as if someone was pinching my left side constantly.

My question is, could this bulge be a prolapse of some organ? Could this be causing this other bulge inside my vagina? Could the bulge I can touch inside my vagina be simply my cervix? Can a prolapse cause stool to get trapped as well as this bit of blood?

Thank you for your opinions.
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Prolapse can happen to women who have never had children and who are young (they often have connective tissue issues like EDS). Prolapse wouldn't cause blood...that is concerning and you definitely need to tell the doctor about that! If you feel a bulge inside the vagina - is it worse when you need to have a bowel movement? This could be rectocele. and Rectocele could very likely cause stool to get "stuck". There is a very active support forum on Facebook called APOPS (Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support) There are a lot of younger women in that support space. Good Luck!! Talk to the doc about the blood!!!
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You have a prolapse no doubt,get to your Doc as soon as possible you can have an op or get a ring installed to hold it all back up. This is no big deal but it could be if you dont get something done about it  
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Pelvic organ prolapse is rare in someone your age especially if you have not experienced difficult vaginal births.

You may very well benefit from taking a stool softener or increasing fiber to ease bowel movements.
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