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Could this be prolapse?

I'm 32 years old and was in a car wreck during the end of 2017. I was hit from behind, thrown over the median into xoncoming traffic, hit on the passenger side, flipped and then hit again. I fractured my transverse vertebraes ( L1, L2, L3) and some herniations of the thoracic vertebrae. While I was in the hospital I noticed my entire bottom area and tops of thighs were extremely swollen and numb. The doctor said I didn't have any pelvic fractures but could not explain what was causing the swelling and numbness so pretty much dismissed it. I returned home from the hospital after a few days hoping that things would return to normal. About two weeks after being home the swelling and numbness subsided but I was left with a large mass/knot in between my left labia and rectum. It feel like it's within the muscle/tissue/ligament behind the labia. I saw an interim Gyno as my normal Spector was on maternity leave. He was quick to dismiss me saying it was just my body trying to push the trauma out of my body. At this point the pain was unimaginable to the point I could barely stand because it felt like I had a weight pulling. I returned to my normal Gyno about four months post wreck as I still had the knot as well as incontinece, sexual dysfunction and pain throughout my lower left abdominal. My Gyno dos an internal exam and acknowledged trigger pain points but said it was out of her real and suggested I see an urologist. When I saw the urologist I explained the wreck and all post wreck pain/symptoms. She dismissed me by saying I probably have incontinece and pain do to nerve damage but just keep doing kegels. Since that was absolutely no help, I go to an orthopedic doctor who performed a pelvis MRI. The MRI came back normal from his perspective but he told me he noticed my uterus is offset to the left and that I need to go back to my Gyno. A day after I saw my internal pelvic floor therapist and she said everything to the left felt extremely puffy and inflamed and recommended me to see my Gyno and have a vaginal ultrasound done. I have sent the pelvis MRI to my Gyno and have scheduled the ultrasound. I am 8 months post wreck and am desperate for someone to help me figure out what's going on as I feel like I'm just being passed around with the doctors.
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In addition to routine MRI pelvis, you may also consider dynamic MRI pelvis, performed only at specialized academic centers. Images are obtained during strain and defecation to accentuate the pelvic prolapse.
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